Latest TV Programs

・Nikkei CNBC TV, “Nikkei Veritas Talks”, Feb. 19, 2024

・Nikkei CNBC TV, “Nikkei Veritas Talks”, Jan. 9, 2024

・Nikkei CNBC TV, “Nikkei Veritas Talks”, Nov. 13, 2023

・Nikkei CNBC TV, “Nikkei Veritas Talks”, Oct. 10, 2023

・Nikkei CNBC TV, “Nikkei Veritas Talks”, Aug. 21, 2023

Other TV Programs

・Nikkei CNBC TV, “Debate on Financial Industry”

・NHK News Watch 9

・TV Asahi, “Morning Show; Somo Somo Souken”


・Nikkei CNBC TV, “US-Japan Market Relay

・Nikkei CNBC TV, “Economics Talk Battles

・TV Tokyo, “Crossing the Rubicon

・TV Tokyo, “World Business Satellite

・TBS News Bird, “Points of View

Radio Programs

・From October 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012, Hidetoshi Iwasaki appeared weekly on every Saturday (9:45PM) on Radio NIKKEI, “Programs for People in their Fifties and Sixties


Nikkei Veritas “Investment”, serialized monthly

—1st(March 29. 2020)to 41st(Mar. 3, 2024)

Nikkei Money, September Issue (July 21, 2023)

Weekly Gendai, Oct. 8, 2021

DAILY SHINCHO Oct. 19, 2019

Diamond Online, June 5, 2019

PHP The 21, June Issue, 2019

Gendai Business, issued on Oct. 22, Oct. 29, Nov. 5, Nov. 12

Weekly Toyo Keizai, issued on July 2, 2018

Monthly BUNGEISHUNJU, January Issue, 2018

PHP The 21, January Issue, 2018

Monthly BUNGEISHUNJU, October Issue, 2017

Nikkei Veritas “Money Never Sleeps”, serialized monthly

—1st(Dec. 2014) to 19th (June 2017)

PHP The 21, June Issue, 2017

Weekly Economist, May 16 Issue, 2017

Weekly Economist, April 18, 2017

PRESIDENT MOOK, Dec. 31, 2016

Shikiho Online “Investment for Future”, serialized monthly

—1st(Feb. 2015) to 15th (April 2016)


Guest Speaker at “NIKKEI LIVE”, May 7, 2023

Keynote Speech at “Nikkei Tokai Forum” in Nagoya, Dec. 3, 2022

Speaker at EcosyX Lab on “Social Innovation”, Jan. 30, 2021

Speaker at “FCAJ” Symposium, April 21, 2020

Guest Speaker at Seminar “Future Center Challenge 2017”, November 21, 2017

Speaker at Moukakai Seminar, May 26, 2016

Speaker at Kasumi Club Finance Committee, April 14, 2016

Speaker at Compliance Seminar, Audi Japan, Feb.23, 2016

Speaker at Shizuoka Economic Forum, Oct. 13, 2015

Speaker at Benkei-Jyuku, April 15, 2015

Guest Speaker at the Chizai Donya Seminar, Nov. 20, 2014

Guest Speaker at Saitama University, October 28, 2014

Speaker at the Tokyo Stock Exchange Seminar, May 16, 2014

Osaka Seminar by Sanno Institute of Management, Nov. 13, 2013

Guest Speaker at Akita International University, October 25, 2013 Guest Speaker at Saitama University, October 24, 2013

Guest Speaker, at E-Business Conference, April 4, 2013

Guest Speaker, Saitama University, January 10, 2013

Nikkei CNBC Seminar, Dec. 2, 2012, Osaka

Nikkei CNBC Seminar, Oct. 6, 2012, Gotenyama, Tokyo


For 8 years (2007-2014), Hidetoshi Iwasaki taught at:

Osaka University of Economics, Graduate School (Kitahama Campus). For further details, please click here.

Hidetoshi Iwasaki’s classroom presentation was featured at:

Osaka University of Economics Newspaper. Please click here for the editorial copy.